Thursday, May 15, 2014

High Iron Biscuits for Baby

Since I am an early waker, I thought I will bake a new batch of biscuits for the baby. House smelled so good, reminiscent of CNY, and the baby kept smacking his lips, saying mam-mam and pointing to the cooling biscuits. 

So satisfying when his face broke into a smile when the first biscuit melted in his mouth. 

80g unsalted butter
80g Virgin Coconut Oil
2 teaspoon soaked chia seeds
120g corn starch

40g self raising flour
40g ground organic oatmeal
40g raw organic wheat germ
40g ground organic sesame seeds
120g ground dried organic apricots (Make sure to choose the dark brown ones. Light orange dried apricots contain sulphur)


1. Melt butter, add in VCO and soaked chia seeds
2. Grind oatmeal, wheat germs, sesame seeds and dehydrated apricots till fine so they will melt in the mouth and minimise choking hazard.
3. Mix dry ingredients into wet ingredients. 
4. Bake at 175 degrees for 9 minutes. My biscuit is about 2.5 cm in diameter before baking.

This batch is dairy free for those who didn't want milk powder, sans the butter of course. Do note that VCO, chia seeds and sesame seeds may be highly nutritious but maybe allergenic. Best to do a separate test with babies before serving. My baby is a 9 months old fusspot, with an incredibly high metabolism and no allergies, so my main objective is to feed him as much nutrition and calories as possible within any small window of opportunity. This version of the biscuits is also favoured by Daddy and big sister.

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