Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dance like nobody is watching

I love writing but have never been comfortable writing for an invisible audience and freak out here when I found viewership jump. It was easy to stop, because I have another avenue to write. But that blog operator closed. I missed writing.

I love cooking and baking for children. I work with young children, and I find picky eaters a challenge I cannot resist. Friends often ask me for my recipes and I find myself repeating often on Facebook and whatsapp. During the two years I have not written here, I have recipes that were published in BabyTalk magazine. 

When I was young, I danced and performed. Dancing brings so much joy to me, as I move in unison to the music and my dance-mates. As you lose yourself in the moment, you are performing an art. If you are dancing for an audience, you are not never fully in the moment anyway. So it is with this spirit that I shall post here. This will be a good avenue to share recipes and I hope I can help fellow mothers. 

The posts shall be mainly about wholesome and original recipes for children. Extremely nutritious, healthy, wholesome meals which utilise super ingredients. I am not technically trained, and am terrible at following recipes. So what you would expect are out of the box meals, literally since I do not like processed food. 

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